Calm Down-Kit

CBD Oil 5% & CBDA Oil
89.95€(VAT included)
  • CBD/CBDA-Combo for Relaxation & Serenity
  • Maximun Purity through Raw Food Quality & Extra Filtration
  • Best Cannabinoids & Terpenes
  • 100% natural
  • 100% vegan
  • THC content < 0.05%
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The Peak of Relaxation!

Our Calm Down-Kit means Relaxation and Serenity in 24/7-style.

By day you play it cool with Hemp Fellows CBD Oil 5%, by night you just leave the stress behind with Ultimate Sleep CBDA Oil.
Hemp Fellows CBD Oil 5% is an exquisite blend from the hemp varieties Futura and Fedora. Our CBD Oil contains only the best, most valuable Cannabinoids & Terpenes.
During production we use a highly sensitive CO2-extraction as well as Hemp-Fellows own Special Filtration process. This way we can ensure maximum purity for our CBD Oil.

Ultimate Sleep CBDA Oil supports your wellbeing, especially by night. CBDA is the Cannabinoid that has the greatest impact on healthy sleep and a calm brain. Exclusive use of the most valuable Finola-Hemp stands for natural, unadulterated Premium Quality and makes our CBDA Oil a true raw food gem. And to ensure you don’t have to count sheep, the Hemp Fellows have refined Ultimate Sleep with valuable Lavender.

Just like every other Hemp Fellows product, the Calm Down-Kit is: 100% natural, 100% vegan and contains less than 0.05% THC…typically Hemp Fellows!



Natural, Transparent, Honest…that’s Hemp Fellows!

With your visit on our website you already stated your interest in pure, natural CBD-products that give you ultimate transparency and don’t count on false promises. Right here we want to tell you a little bit more about the 3 pillars of our philosophy.



We at Hemp Fellows love nature and everything that nature has in store for us. Being one of the most versatile and efficient natural products on our planet, hemp stands for that enthusiasm.

The hemp plant is a flawless, perfect natural product that holds magnificent potential for help and support in our daily life. So why should we distort this unique potential with artificial additives?

With us you are on the safe side! Hemp Fellows products always contain the full natural potential…nothing else! During production we don’t use any herbicides or pesticides. In order to protect the treasures of nature we place a great deal of importance on sustainability for every step of the production process.

Our hemp is grown exclusively in Europe, 100% naturally. Every single harvest is analyzed and examined by an independent laboratory. Our hemp varieties Fedora, Finola and Futura are grown in the Upper Bavarian Chiemgau, the French Champagne and also in Finland. But it doesn’t stop here. Since progress and innovation is in our DNA, we are always looking for new growing regions that meet our high quality standards.



Especially when it comes to health and wellbeing, transparency and clarity is not only “nice-to-have” but mandatory! So we thought about a simple and easy-to-use method that gives you everything you need to know about your Hemp Fellows product in no time. And we definitely wanted to make sure we don’t end up with hand-cramps inducing endless scrolling wastelands of text.

With our super easy to use Canna Check everything you need to know is just a flick of your wrist away. Just scan the QR-Code on the label of your Hemp Fellows product with your smartphone and you’re set. Now you can check everything about ingredients, pesticides and herbicides (spoiler: we never use them), CBD-value analysis, etc.



Hemp is a true marvel of nature and with our Hemp Fellows products we want to enable this potential for your daily life. We truly believe there is no need for exaggerated or simply false promises.

Unfortunately not everyone agrees here. The market is inflated with fake products that don’t undergo any kind of control or examination. You can also find a lot of illustrious names for so-called effects that have nothing to do with reality.

With Hemp Fellows you play it safe! We don’t spread nonsense. We simply spread pure, natural potential!

89.95€(VAT included)
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Ingredients CBD Oil 5%:
*approx. 1000mg CBD CO2 Extraction, **approx. 0.02 Delta9 THC
approx. 80% Hemp Seed Oil, approx. 20% Hemp Extract

*Values may vary slghtly 
**THC value is below the no-risk guideline for food


Consumption recommendation CBD Oil 5%:
approx. 4 drops daily
20ml = approx. 500 drops
1 drop corresponds to approx. 2mg CBD

The recommended daily dose may not be exceeded. If necessary, ask your doctor or pharmacist. 


Ingredients CBDA Oil:
*approx. 400mg CBD/CBDA Extraction, **approx. 0.02 Delta9 THC
approx. 90% MCT-Oil, approx. 10% Hemp Extract

Raw food quality from controlled organic cultivation with no leaf material.

*Values may vary slghtly 
**THC value is below the no-risk guideline for food


Consumption recommendation CBDA Oil:
approx. 4 drops daily
20ml = approx. 500 drops
1 drop corresponds to approx. 0.8mg CBDA

The recommended daily dose may not be exceeded. If necessary, ask your doctor or pharmacist. 



Keep out of reach of children. 
Should be stored at room temperature and dry and light-protected conditions. 

Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as persons who have to take medication should only take food supplements after medical consultation.


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